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quiet_blue [userpic]
Week 1 Picture Prompt 3
by quiet_blue (quiet_blue)
at July 12th, 2007 (05:27 pm)
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"Bet you can't, Nami"

"Whatever, Jonni.  Bet I can, but why would I want to?"

"I don't know... Kind of reminds me of one of those capsule hotel thingies in Japan."

"I'm from Japan you know, and that never entered my mind."

"Do you think we should give her a hand?  That can't be comfortable."

"Why?  She hasn't even come to yet.  On top of that we haven't taken a picture for future blackmail purposes."

"Here's the camera.  Hurry up.  Someone's coming, I think."

"There.  Get her ass out of there and pull up her pants."

"Ew.  Please tell me she didn't...  Oh gods!"

"What?  What?  Move.  Let me see.  Noooo waaaay..."

"I am not moving her.  Oh.  She's waking up."

"I think I will leave her to her own private embarrassment."

"Me too.  Ew.  Stinky ho."

"Where am I?  What's that smell?"

quiet_blue [userpic]
Week1 Picture Prompt 2
by quiet_blue (quiet_blue)
at July 12th, 2007 (08:30 am)
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The air was hot but cooled by a light breeze.  Sea birds called out as they flew in indistinguishable patterns overhead.  The ocean was calm, but provided low white-noise underneath other sounds, including the crunch and shuffle of the grass under Nami's feet.

Many years had passed since she'd visited this place.  The sun was a bright and delicious as it had been back then, but the waters seemed darker, almost muddy.  Happiness still oozed from the very pores of the earth here, and it was evidenced on the the faces of the children playing in the grass and wading in the water as well as in the laughter of her own almost adult daughter.

Nami stopped walking and stood briefly admiring the fine form and character of her child.  She giggled to herself as she watched the wind play in the ruffles of her daughter's flowered summer dress, remembering how her own dress tickled her legs so many years ago.  Spying the grass stains on her daughter's feet, she mused over the scoldings given by her mother as she was not acting as lady-like as she could, coming home stained and smelling of vegetation and the sea.  Her place was not to be in the sun, but in the home, learning to care for it.

Harsh lessons such as those were never forced upon Molly.  Adrian tried his best to ensure their daughter was brought up a proper young lady, but neither of them could deny Molly true joy and freedom.  The result was a well mannered young lady, unafraid of the world, willing to dirty her hands when necessary and full of life and love.

"I think we did well, Love."  Nami placed her hand over the masculine hand now resting on her shoulder.

"Yes.  I would have to agree.  I'm so very proud of her.", said her father Adrian.

"Me too."  Nami turned into her husband's arms and laid her head on his chest.  "We have to go now, don't we?"

"Yes, Nami.  It's time."

"She'll be just fine, Adrian.  Just look at her."

A girl walked happily yet alone in the grass by the ocean, with stained feet and a thin summer dress lightly tossed about by a breeze.  In each hand she carried a beautifully ornate urn.  Stopping she turned toward the ocean with the sun to her back.  With a tilt of each hand ashes caught the summer breeze and flew away.  "Rest well Mom, Dad.  You've earned it.  And don't worry about me.  I really <i>will</i> be fine."

As the sea birds flew overhead and the ocean lapped at the sand, two proud shadows faded to their rest.

quiet_blue [userpic]
Picture Prompt-Week 1
by quiet_blue (quiet_blue)
at July 12th, 2007 (07:41 am)
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Nami-Impromptu Prompt-Picture Prompt-Week 1

Nami sat on the hard wood floor, legs curled up under a blanket.  She had never been allowed to watch much television over the

years, and as a result never made a habit of filling her spare time with it, but today was different.

Stabbing pains followed by a hot rush of liquid between her legs had awakened her around 3am.  At first, she'd found herself very

confused as she began to cry out, tears wetting her pillow as she curled into a ball.  After thirty minutes of writhing, she

pulled her heavy limbs out of bed forcing herself to walk to to toilet through her pain.  She stopped several times to clutch the

wall and heave great breaths as she attempted to garner more courage and control the waves of nausea.

Finally upon arriving at the porcelin bowl, she dropped down onto the seat, and took her first note of the red ribbons of blood

snaking down her pale shaking legs.  Looking back into the hallway, Nami noticed a distinct trail left from the blood on the soles

of her feet as well as a couple of large blood clots and small drops which formed crimson circles on the floor.

Rocking in hopes of soothing her pains, she hugged herself tightly.  She reached into the bath tub next to her and turned on the

water, checked the temperature, drug her ghost-like form to a standing position and into the tub.  Nami turned on the shower and

stood there for what seemed like a half and hour which was in reality forty-five minutes.

After showering, Nami decided the next thing to do was to stopper the bloody mess with a tampon, then to take pain medication and

finally to scrub the floors and change her sheets.  Those things being done, Nami found herself enshrouded in a blanket staring

blankly at the television and late-night repeats of American sitcoms.  A advertisement had begun and a lady appeared, dressed in

the garb of a 1950's housewife, hair in an up-do, a flowery, frilled apron and pearl necklace with matching earrings holding what

looked to be a psuedo-homemade apple pie.

Apparently the store-bought brand was as good as a home baked pie, or so the commercial stated.  Why the pie was better or what

brand it happened to be was lost on Nami as she felt the violent urge to snatch away the pie and throw it into the woman's face,

wiping away her stupid too red-lipped smile.

Just as her imaginings concluded, Nami noticed a small crack in the pie appear.  As it traveled from one side of the pie to the

other, the previous area of the cracked opened wider.  Where the crack reached an opening of about an inch, red, thick fluid

spilled over, and large clumps that resembled clots and strawberries fell to the floor.

Nami felt her stomach church as she jerked herself awake.  The smiling housewife was no longer on the screen.  In fact, she'd

dozed long enough to awake to a new sitcom; however, Nami no longer found much interest in watching television.

She crawled through her home and into bed, then covered her head with blankets, sheets and pillows.  Nami smiling fell asleep

thinking of the 50's house wife with a face full of pie in various flavors, until she was awakened by another bout of pain.  A


The girl in love with the gentle doctor [userpic]
week 2 prompts
by The girl in love with the gentle doctor (whendaybreaks)
at June 19th, 2007 (07:09 am)

This week has a theme. And that theme is "Pink". Just because I'm in a very pink mood. No other reason, at all.

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The girl in love with the gentle doctor [userpic]
Welcome and First Prompts
by The girl in love with the gentle doctor (whendaybreaks)
at June 11th, 2007 (04:37 pm)

Welcome to Impromptu Prompt. I'm Nori, and I'm one of the mods. The LJ I will be posting Mod info from is whendaybreaks.

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And then, for a special Father's Day series of prompts!

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Have fun with it!

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